“Beautiful soaking piano music came from Tammy Sorenson (www.theartsexpressed.com) who is a Deborah from the Midwest. The Holy Spirit used her music open up the hearts of the people. You could see the changes on their faces as the day progressed.”

Spirit Speak Autism Awareness Symposium Report (September 2011)
Lucy Riethmiller, President, Deborah Company Midwest Region
Buffalo, MN

“Dear Jaran Family Ministries,
We want to say thank you for the ministry that you have provided over the last few years at Evangelist Crusaders Church. Whether it has been through
the Arts Express’d, the sharing of your musical talents, the expression of testimony, exhortation, and prayer, or by the preaching of the Word, we have truly been blessed.

I remember hearing many wonderful comments from the congregation about the Arts Express’d ministry. Young and old alike found it to be a beautiful experience. Some were simply blessed by the relaxed atmosphere of the evening basking in the presence of the Lord, while others were grateful to have a chance to tap into their artistic gifts. The younger children were blessed also by having the chance to express themselves through creative means. The entire evening was a success.

We repeatedly use your “Spontaneous Expressions” worship CD as a background for our weekly evening prayer service. It is such an anointed CD. Amazingly, each night we use it, the melodies and expressions seem to fall right in line with how the Lord is directing the flow of the prayer. I also must mention how grateful we are when you visit us sharing either in word or by joining in freely with our musicians and sharing your musical gifting. You always add that added extra to our worship experience. The sweet spirit in which you minister brings the warmth of fellowship.

We pray that as you enter into a new season of your ministry that God will continue to use you mightily for his glory, opening up many more venues in which you will be able to minister. We hope this letter can serve not only as a word of encouragement to you but also as a letter of recommendation from us on behalf of your ministry. Thanks again and may God’s best be yours.”

Pastor David L. Fronsoe, Senior Pastor
Evangelist Crusaders Church, Minneapolis. MN

“Tammy Sorenson’s book, No More Orphans!, will speak to many who are called to train others in kingdom concepts. Tammy has a heart to teach teachers and leaders to prepare the next generation to march forward as the army of the Most High God, and this book is an excellent manual to facilitate that. Tammy has first-hand experience with adoption, as she and her husband Kevan, have adopted three children from an orphanage in Guatemala.

I enjoyed the revelation from this gifted woman as I read about treasures and jewels, which are us! As a teacher myself, I especially enjoyed the practical tools which the book offers in the last section. The teaching on the Seven Mountains is my personal favorite section, as it gives not only explanations about each mountain, but offers excellent prayers of repentance, something which touches heaven and brings change to a needy world.

The entire Sorenson family is a family of worshippers. Kevan, Tammy, and their three biological children, Jaran, Jadan, and Jessa are talented musicians. They are not just typical worshippers with their music, but they are aware of the spiritual influence of the sound of their instruments and voices. They know they are releasing God’s glory and revelation as they worship. Their three adopted children, Jenna, Jocilyn, and Josiah, worship in art, poetry, and the Word. All of them have learned to prophesy in numerous ways in art and creativity. It has been my privilege to spend time with them and see their hearts for the Lord. Tammy wants to influence others to worship in any way possible, and that is reflected in her own children and in her enthusiasm to bring heaven to earth.

Alice Sharping
Missionary with Every Nation

“Jaran Family Ministries has been a blessing to our church family and our community. Their devotion to God and their desire to live their faith is evident. Their worship is pure and their lives bring glory to God. We are thankful to have them as friends and as co-laborers we are building the Kingdom of God together.”

Dan & Linda Gassler, Pastors
A Glorious Church, Monticello, MN

“The Sorenson family has something truly amazing to offer. Their love for God and their devotion to Him is evident in every contact I’ve had with them. If you’re looking for a ministry team that can usher in God’s presence, look no further. Each member of their family – children ages 11 to 19 – has a gift to prophesy, paint and draw, pray, read passages from the Bibles, or play an instrument. Their parents, Kevan and Tammy have trained their children to use these gifts to bring God glory – not themselves. Whether it be a conference session or a church service, the Sorensons encourage people of all ages to participate. Art, dance, the waving of flags, and the playing of handheld instruments such as wood blocks and maracas are methods used to intentionally involve the kids and make them feel more at home. After all, adults aren’t the only ones that need God’s presence – kids need it too. I highly recommend the Sorensons and their minsitry, Jaran Family MInistries/The Arts Express’d to anyone that may be considering having them.”

Dave Gassler, Associate Pastor
A Glorious Church, Monticello, MN

“It is a joy to have the Sorenson’s as a part of Living Waters Church. I can highly recommend Jaran Family Ministries because I can highly recommend them as a healthy family. Together they have an anointing to bring all generations into the Lord’s presence and are gifted to flow with what He is doing and saying. Kevan and Tammy seem to have a unique call to help children and youth realize their full potential in worship, whether it be in music or hearing & seeing in the Spirit. I recommend them for small or large gatherings; for leading worship or teaching others to flow in the gifts God has given them. If I can answer any specific questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

Pastor Bob Pullar
Living Waters Church, Elk River, MN

“Kevan and Tammy Sorenson have an anointed, dynamic message for children today with a ministry that is filled with integrity. Their vision of young people being raised up as passionate worshippers, filled with the Spirit and the Word, is certainly something born of God. I have been able to witness first hand their true heart for people; their strong work ethic in ministry; and the priority they place on family. It is my privilege to recommend their ministry to anyone who has a vision for the generation God is raising up in this hour.”

Pastor Tom Flaherty
Community Bible Church, Montevideo, MN

“I believe today God is calling the youth of this generation to a new and higher standard of worship, passionately pursuing the heart of God and living in expectation of the move of His Holy Spirit. God has placed anointing on the Sorenson family to be leaders in this move of God today. The gifts of music and the Spirit in every member of their family enrich and empower the worship experience when the Sorenson family leads worship. There is no pretense or performance with the Sorensons. It’s a passionate pursuit of the heart of God and those that worship with them will quickly find their own hearts seeking Him and finding Him!”

Pastor Steven Zwart, Senior Pastor
Unity Christian Reformed Church, Prinsburg, MN
Senior Pastoral Advisor, Night Vision Youth Worship and Ministry, Prinsburg, MN

“Kevan & Tammy [Jaran MInistries] and their family have ministered to our kids at camp the last few years and I really appreciate their passion for children. Many groups are musically talented and gifted with the ability to minister to kids. But I don’t know many who are as passionate as they are in their conviction that kids are not just the Church of the Future but also the Church of Today. What I have witnessed in their ministry is not just an enthusiasm to reach children but to equip them to minister in their homes, schools and local churches. And all I can say to that is, ‘Bring it!'”

Pastor Jeff  Martin
Chetek Full Gospel Tabernacle, Chetek, WI

“The Sorenson Family are not only tremendously gifted and well-trained musicians, but they are highly anointed as well. What makes them so unique is the inclusion of their three children as musicians who play multiple instruments with skill far beyond their years. But most valuable of all is they know how to flow with the Holy Spirit…Tammy Sorenson taught on worship in some of the best sessions I’ve ever seen for kids. One of the most frequent comments we heard from campers is that they went away with a new love for worship.”

Pastor Becky Fischer
Kids In Ministry International, Bismarck, ND

“Tammy and Kevan Sorenson of Jaran Ministries provided awesome, Christ-centered programs both times they served as children’s evangelists for our week long Red Rock Family Camp. Their spirit-filled teaching and music helped our elementary-aged children really learn to worship and to pray for the needs of others. The kids had a great time, too. Tammy, Kevan, and their family are a joy to work with and I highly recommend them.”

Rev. Karen Seavey
Children’s Coordinator, Red Rock Family Camp, MN
Kasson and Pleasant Corners United Methodist Church, MN

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