Recommended Reading

Highly Recommended:
The Seven Mountain Renaissance: Vision and Strategy Through 2050 – Johnny Enlow
Your Destiny His 
Glory: Discover the How and Why of Your Design – Ruthie Young
Operating in the Courts of Heaven – Robert Henderson
Creativity According to the Kingdom – Matt Tommey
Abiding Under the Shadow – David Lebo
Water Spouts of Glory – Wade Thompson

Awaken the Sleeper: There is Only One Truth by Nick Castellano
Between the Lines – Bob Sorge
Rainbow God – Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow
One New Man Bible – William Morford
Quantum Faith – Annette Capps
The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas – Ann Voskamp
The Psalms, P0etry on Fire (The Passion Translation) – Brian Simmons
Activate My Spiritual Heart, Oh Lord!
by Jim and Faith Chosa (
A Time to Advance by Chuck Pierce
Be A Hero: The Battle for Mercy and Social Justice – Wesley Campbell and Stephen Court
Breaking the Serpent Code by Jim and Faith Chosa (
Catching Up to the Third World (Seven Indispensable Keys to Explosive Revival in the Western Church) – Ben R. Peters
Compelled by Love – Heidi Baker
Conquering the Antichrist Spirit – Sandie Freed
Dream Encounters – Barbie L. Breathitt
Face to Face with God – Bill Johnson
Freed Indeed – Larry Trawick (Barnes and Noble only)
Heaven’s Voice – Sandie Freed
One Thousand Gifts – Ann Voskamp
Orphan Justice – Johnny Carr
Re-Create (Building A Culture In Your Home Stronger Than The Culture Deceiving Your Kids) – Ron Luce
Rules of Engagement – Derek Prince
Prophetic Wisdom – Graham Cooke
Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior – Graham Cooke
Take All Seven (teaching CD/DVD) by Lance Wallnau (
The Call of the Elijah Revolution by James Goll & Lou Engle
The Cry of the Harvest – Chad Taylor
The Cry of Mordecai – Robert Sterans
The Reformation Manifesto – Cindy Jacobs
The Scent of Water – Naomi Zacharias
The Seven Mountain Mantle – Johnny Enlow
The Seven Mountain Prophecy – Johnny Enlow
The Torch and the Sword – Rick Joyner
The Upside of Adversity – Os Hillman
Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done IN Earth (
Understanding the Times – David A. Noebel
Victorious Eschatology Harold Eberle and Martin Trench
Warning Dreams: Sleeping With Your Eyes Open – Craig Groethe
You See Bones I See An Army – Floyd McClung

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