Recommended Listening

Firestarters – Seasons
Graham Cooke – The Art of Brilliant Thinking, Living the Upgraded Life, The Way of the Warrior:Rise Up A Warrior, Turning Passivity into Prophecy, The Church Has Left the Building, etc…
Hillsongs and Hillsongs United – every CD
Jaran Family Ministries – Spontaneous Expressions
Kelli Rae Band
Rick Pino – Angel of Awakening, Songs Of An Endtime Army, The      Narrow Road, The Undiscovered, Weapons of Warfare (CDs)
Coty Sloan – Melodies of the Spirit
Tammy Sorenson – No More Orphans and The Journey
Julie True – Breathe You In, Sounds of Healing, Heaven’s Embrace, Spirit to Spirit
Jason Upton – Key of David Ministries: every CD, beginning with the current one, 1200 Feet Below Sea Level, and working back: Between Earth and Sky, Open Up the Earth, etc.
Seven Mountain Symphony (CD) by Wealthy Wares (also available via Elijah List webstore)

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