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“Worship Is For Kids” is a practical approach to leading children in a lifestyle of worship. The three-ring binder contains individual lessons that can be used as daily devotions in the home, or in a children’s church setting by incorporating individual lessons prior to the worship portion of your children’s church, weekly children’s meetings, VBS, etc. The lessons can also be used in combination by themes for teaching a worship unit. Cost is $19.95 + S & H.

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Spontaneous Expressions

“Spontaneous Expressions”

Spontaneous instrumental worship music

Spontaneous Expressions is spontaneous prophetic music, in that the instrumental songs on this CD were unrehearsed and created as they were being recorded. This Holy Spirit inspired music is free flowing, reflective, and contemplative. The Scripture and prayers were also spontaneous interacting simultaneously with the music while it was improvised. The Sorenson family (Jaran Family Ministries) has been involved with spontaneous, improvisational music for several years and the creative expression is represented in this music. The music has an authentic sound that pulls on one’s Spirit as the listener seeks the presence of the Lord.

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