The Sorenson Family and Jaran Family Ministries

Jaran Family Ministries…

(Pronounced Jair – un, Hebrew meaning “to sing”)

Releasing a New Sound in the Multigenerational Body of Christ through Worship, Prayer, and Teaching a Wholehearted Lifestyle of Loving God and Loving Others.

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Every Individual has a Kingdom Destiny…

It is multigenerational, because what we do today impacts generations. As individuals, our destiny is in accordance with giftings, hopes, dreams, desires, and His plans and purposes for our lives. Matthew 6:33, “But seek first his kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” Seeking and understanding His kingdom first is vital because the destinies of families and individuals flow out of it. In loving him and loving others, we find our destiny.

Every person needs a revelation of who they are in Christ – a revelation of the resurrected Christ seated at the right hand of the Father, ruling and reigning in us. We need a revelation of our priestly role: to worship the Father in spirit and in truth through a lifestyle of communion and fellowship, and a consecrated, living knowledge of His Word and His heart. Through this intimate relationship our Kingdom role and authority is revealed, activated and released.

Jaran Family Ministries desires to mentor and equip a prophetic generation who is passionate about the presence of the Lord and about the things that are on the His heart. In the place of intimacy, we become the instruments of worship who come into agreement with Heaven, and the vessels through which He manifests His will and His heart here on earth.

This generation needs a new vocabulary grounded in the Word of God; one that will change earth with the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and Spirit-led life that Jesus Christ died to impart through us.

For such a time as this is the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord upon His people to preach the Good News of the Gospel; His wisdom and understanding, counsel and might, knowledge, fear of the Lord, provision, and healing poured out on the earth through the Body of Christ to manifest His love to all the generations.

Casting a vision for a lifestyle of worship…

We believe Biblical teaching that connects multigenerationally, and worship encounters through Spirit-filled musicians, will inspire all ages to press in to new levels of the presence of God, and will release new sounds. Holy Spirit-led worship will release revelation, calling, vision, and anointing to transform lives in regions and nations. It is the presence of the Lord that captures and transforms hearts and lives.

Jaran Family Ministries desires to reveal the Father’s passion for His children and to encourage and equip all ages to use their time, giftings, resources, prayers and worship to provide Heaven’s supply on earth to the children of the nations.

Called to be an advocate for the fatherless and an extension of the Father’s heart and hands to orphans in the nations…

Jaran Family Ministries desires to sow abundantly into ministries to orphans, the fatherless, poor and needy of the world.

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