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Your Destiny, His Glory

It is truly devastating to the Body of Christ when we don’t see or relate to one another through the lens of Christ within; through the lens of our Heavenly Father perceiving each of us through the blood redemption of Christ Jesus. Our Creator, Abba Father, created each one of us uniquely (Psalm 139:13-17), complete with strengths to do the work of His Kingdom, that are also weaknesses when unredeemed and on the journey of being sanctified. In Christ, we are all being transformed and renewed, and are called to walk in His grace. It’s time to put aside the ‘me-centered’ cultural mindset we have been inundated with for far too many years: it’s all about me, it’s all about my plans, my feelings, my wants, and about how you are impacting ‘me.’ Let’s also put aside the judgement mentality of thinking we are called to judge or condemn one another’s motives, intentions, circumstances, personality, actions, or giftings. Where relationships cannot view one another through His grace and through His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven lens, because of a religious spirit or for whatever reason, we simply must release one another in His eternal forgiveness, dust our shoes off, and move on….just as He instructed His first disciples.

Neither does this mean we are to embrace one another’s sins. We are called to simply follow Holy Spirit leading to where He is at work convicting (not condemning) and drawing others unto Himself, for the purpose of Restoration unto Father God through the atonement of Christ’s shed blood. Jesus came to bring peace within us, not between those who won’t receive His Kingdom lens for this life (Matthew 10:34-36). We are in this world but not of it. Through Holy Spirit leading, purpose to be obedient and to find those He has called you to walk in one accord with according to each of your giftings. Following our Head, as the Body He has purposed for this hour in which we live, we can together reflect the light of Christ and His glory to a broken, lost, sick, hurting and dying world needing to know Him as Redeemer, Healer, and Restorer! (John 3:16-17)

I highly recommend the book, ‘Your Destiny, His Glory: The How and Why of Your Design’ by Ruthie Young (available from both the author and on Amazon). Believers need this NOW revelation from Romans 12:4-8 in order to walk in unity advancing His Kingdom for such a time as this! Why? Study Isaiah 60-61.

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