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Orphan Justice

I just finished reading a book that is an absolute must read for every Believer living in a blessed nation, such as the U.S., for anyone who considers themselves to be an evangelical, charismatic, Pentecostal, or Spirit-filled Christian, & for anyone who truly wants to represent the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth wherever he/she has been called/positioned. This book represents & presents the Gospel in its purest, simplest, & most Jesus-Demonstrated form. In my opinion, it is the updated/current sequel to Wesley Campbell & Stephen Court’s book, Be A Hero, a book we used throughout our homeschooling years to educate & impart the Lord’s heart for the poor, the needy, the destitute, the forgotten, the persecuted, & the hopeless, while growing up in the midst of a self-serving/me-centered culture. Orphan Justice, by Johnny Carr, addresses difficult, yet accurate Biblical truths pertaining to:

  1. Orphans and Family
  2. Orphans and Human Trafficking
  3. Orphans and Aids
  4. Orphans and Orphanages
  5. Orphans and Poverty
  6. Orphans and Foster Care
  7. Orphans and Racism
  8. Orphans and Abortion
  9. Orphans and the Church
  10. Orphans and Spiritual Warfare

The truths contained in Orphan Justice have been part of our personal experience, particularly considering our youngest son (along with myself) is currently staying at a Ronald McDonald House, frequently doctoring with dialysis, medications, a renal failure diet, awaiting a transplant, & would not have had the same medical care options for longevity had my husband & I not made the journey to Guatemala City ten plus years ago, to bring an older sibling group of three children back to the States to become part of our family through adoption.

In the midst of our very difficult current season, the recent release of Orphan Justice was timely & beneficial (copyright 2013). The Lord had me revisit all of the reasons He put adoption on our hearts fourteen years ago; the very truths that led us to Guatemala, as well as to raise all six of our children with the truth of His heart for children around the world who have not been blessed with the American dream life, including many children/youth in our very own nation. While at RMH, surrounded by families with children in desperate need of healing, in painful & deeply hurtful circumstances, to be thrust into the harsh realities of Orphan Justice, revisiting the heartbeat of our Heavenly Father with all that initially led us to Guatemala, & being reminded again of the intimate specifics of living in a deeply broken world that He NEVER forgets, He NEVER gets too busy to see, hear, or act on behalf of. Orphan Justice was exactly what I needed to keep my focus/perspective on Him & on what He’s accomplishing for good, rather than on ourselves: what we’re feeling, thinking & walking through.

The contents of Orphan Justice unfolds a huge wake-up call that is screaming to be heard & received by the American Church; a shaking up of a church culture slumbering far too long in the activities of busyness & human ‘doings,’ in the midst of answers only the hands and feet of Jesus can bring. Hel-lo! New Testament Believers ARE the hands and feet of Jesus, & if anything is going to change with regard to the unborn, family as ordained by Scripture, or the battle we find ourselves in the midst of as a nation, the Church must be awakened to Scriptural truths & hands-on solutions presented in Orphan Justice. I am not receiving any commission for promoting this book: I simply want to see these difficult realities, deep revelation, & practical solutions in the hands of every Believer who claims Jesus as their Lord & prays for His Kingdom to come & His will to be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

The pages of Orphan Justice contain true revival: the infinite, sacrificial love of our Heavenly Father in action. They unwrap the truth Jesus Himself demonstrated everywhere He went in His earthly journey, & it’s time He has a Body walking the Earth who is willing to follow Him wholeheartedly, unreservedly, & unPharisaically. I decree the Body of Christ will awaken & choose complete surrender to an empowering, unprecedented move of Holy Spirit like never before seen on the Earth, for such a time as this: on behalf of all the world’s precious children, who are & always will be Heaven’s gifts sent to Earth, & on behalf of the family – His choice for the nurturing & training of all children in their identity, giftings & callings – as defined & purposed by Creator God Almighty Himself, our Heavenly Father, made possible through the eternal blood of Jesus Christ alone, purchased on behalf of all who would choose Him & His Kingdom to be adopted as His sons.

‘For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now. And not only this, but also we ourselves, having the first fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our body.’ Romans 8:22-23.

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