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System Failure »

(Josiah’s latest Caring Bridge Post: Dialysis Month 3 Week 2 Day 1) Today we have officially put in 130 hours of dialysis, not counting hospital stays & days away from family in between. We currently remain in transition, not knowing much more than we have for the past month, walking out this journey in faith […]

Global 4/14 Day »

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Reality Check »

Reality Check Things are never as though they seem. We purpose to speak the unseen as though seen according to His Word, & people generally prefer to hear praise reports. However, truth be told: this journey sucks. Yet, there couldn’t be a more likely candidate for a Bible-story-kind-of- supernatural-God-intervention than Josiah…after all, he’s already been […]

Orphan Justice »

I just finished reading a book that is an absolute must read for every Believer living in a blessed nation, such as the U.S., for anyone who considers themselves to be an evangelical, charismatic, Pentecostal, or Spirit-filled Christian, & for anyone who truly wants to represent the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth wherever he/she […]

Hummingbirds and Suddenlies! »

I am currently sitting on my deck (thank You, Lord, for cool enough temperatures to actually enjoy this Minnesota summer morning!), seeking the Lord, and surrounded by 60 foot pine trees and a unique symphony of bird choruses. As I gaze down at the flower garden in front of me, I see what appear to […]

An Angel’s Tale »

Below is an updated/revised version of ‘An Angel’s Tale’ by Jenna Sorenson that is worth your time rereading if you’ve already read it, and an absolute ‘must read’ if you’ve never experienced a supernaturally creative download through the spirit of one of His precious children. The vision for the arts express’d is to equip a […]

A Journey of Discovery »

A Journey of Discovery is the preface from my book, No More Orphans! No More Orphans! is a comprehensive equipping manual for those who have vision and passion to ignite the next generation in being the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and transform nations. The book is divided into five detailed sections: 1) Hidden Treasure: […]

From the Mouth of Children… »

Today is Palm Sunday (Matthew 21, Mark 11, Luke 19:28-48, John12:12-38). I went to bed thinking about Psalm 8, especially verse 2. I mediated on a number of different translations. My favorite: “From the mouths of children and infants, you have built a fortress to silence the enemy and the avenger” Psalm (GWT). I woke […]

New Teaching Series Now Available: Online & On Site »

the arts express’d, our new ministry, is called to equip this generation in their Christ-centered identity and discovery of their God-given gifts for impacting the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Our new teaching series is available as three dynamic and colorful children’s books, plus our family’s adoption story. The books can be purchased individually or […]

The Journey Of Adoption »

The Journey Of Adoption is our family’s journey from a small community in northwestern Minnesota to the mountains of Guatemala. This story unfolds the uniqueness of beginning with one child, giving birth to twins, and culminating in the addition of a sibling group of three older children from an orphanage in Guatemala. The book presents […]